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Our story is one of redemption - a man experiencing the gangster life of South Central Los Angeles.  Despite it all, his family gives him the strength to be able to change his life and defy the odds.


After discovering craft beer, breweries became a haven for Edgar Preciado, Founder of Beer Thug Brewing. He loved it so much that in 2018 he started a craft beer lifestyle brand, Beer Thug Life. One night, he recorded a video of him chugging a craft beer as a joke on social media. Unbeknownst to him, the video would garner thousands of views and chugging would become more commonplace in the craft beer community. 


Breweries started to take notice of Edgar’s social media presence and collaborated with Edgar to make craft beer. Despite his genuine happiness from making beer with breweries, he realized that there was a lack of diversity in the industry and wanted to expose the people of his community to the joys of craft beer. When the pandemic hit in 2020, many breweries were forced to close their taprooms. Edgar saw this as an opportunity to contract- collaborate with breweries to brew his recipes, allowing more people to continue their craft beer consumption. In two years, Edgar and his partners brewed about 2,500 barrels of beer which were distributed and sold across California and beyond.


Our story is just beginning. Opening a Brick and Mortar was the next step. With help from the community and his life savings, Beer Thug Brewing was born. Beer Thug Brewing is located in the beautiful city of Bell, California. Beer Thug Brewing offers top-rated  Ales and Lagers and a beautiful taproom so that everyone can enjoy them. 

Website foto.jpg

I love being a positive influence in my community, while at the same time showing the Beer Industry that we (People of Color) got tired of being left behind, and we are now taking action to rightfully put us in the map -Edgar Founder BeerThugLife

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